BCT customers can view their accounts and complete financial transactions on a secure website by using BCT NetTeller.  It's BCT banking 24 hours a day...seven days a week.

What do I need to know about BCT's online banking?

  • To access online banking you will need a web-enabled internet connection.
  • Sign up online at www.mybct.com, or by visiting one of our branch locations.
  • A user ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number) will be assigned following initial log-on to NetTeller. Both the ID and PIN can be reset to your preference.
  • All sensitive information is encrypted and access requires a combination of user ID and PIN.

Visit www.mybct.com for details on website security and browser requirements.

BCT NetTeller

With BCT NetTeller, you can do all your banking anytime, anywhere...at home or on the road, simply log on to www.mybct.com.  Packed with features that make banking easier and more convenient, NetTeller can save you time and money. Best of all, BCT NetTeller is free!

Details and Features:

  • Check account balances.
  • View account activity & check images.
  • View monthly statements.
  • Make BCT loan payments.
  • Transfer funds between BCT accounts.
  • Enter stop payments.
  • Download information into popular financial software.

NetTeller Online Banking/BillPay Demo (Adobe Flash Required)

BCT Online BillPay
Pay your bills online...it's fast, easy, secure and free! Pay as many bills as you would like without any transaction fees...and no postage stamps required. Once you use BillPay, you'll never want to write a check again.

Details and Features:

  • Schedule payments when due by selecting your payee, the amount to be paid and the date that the payment should be sent.
  • Set one-time payments.
  • Set current and future recurring payments.
  • Set automatic withdrawals from your BCT account.
  • Online BillPay transactions appear on your monthly account statement providing proof of payment.
  • Creditors unable to accept electronic payments will receive a paper check drawn off your account.

Account History:

  • View previous two statements.
  • 180-day transaction history
  • Indefinite BillPay history

NetTeller Online Banking/BillPay Demo (Adobe Flash Required)

BCT Bank to Bank Transfers
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BCT P2P Payments
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