Individuals, as well as businesses and institutions, recognize the need for Trust services through their financial planning process. BCT’s dedicated Trust Department provides:

  • Custody Service - As custodial-agent, we function as a “living-lock-box” to provide safe-keeping of securities and the collection of income.
    • BCT can make investment decisions on behalf of the owner, or in conjunction with the owner
  • Trustee for Living Trusts, Trusts Under Will, and Charitable Trusts - As trustee, BCT provides administration and portfolio management in accordance with the terms of the legal document.
    • You'll have peace of mind that your trusts and wishes will be handled as directed
  • Estate Settlement - As Executor or Administrator, BCT works with your beneficiaries in all aspects of the administration of the estate.
    • As Executor or Administrator, BCT is responsible for making sure that all applicable taxes and regulatory requirements are met prior to distribution to the beneficiaries.



Contact one of our Trust Officers:

Leslie Crabill 304-728-2416
Carolyn Fisher 304-728-2440