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New Look. Same BCT. Same Login.

We are continually looking for ways to enhance your experience at BCT.  Digital Banking services are an increasingly important way to bank, especially when visiting a branch is inconvenient or restricted.   You will see several upgraded and new services over the coming months.  One of the first will be a new website.
Our new and improved BCT website will be launching soon!  With several enhancements and upgrades, you will experience a safer, easier, and more convenient website.  Current plans are to launch the new website July 22, 2020.  Stay tuned!


Safety and Security -  (dot BANK)
  • Our domain will change from .COM to .BANK.  Don't worry, the .COM address will redirect to the new .BANK address.  Our new website address will be  It will provide many added benefits.  Here are a few reasons we are moving to .BANK:
    • Only verified banks can use the .BANK domain.
    • There is a higher level of mandated security than with commercial domain sites (.com).
    • There is stronger encryption required.
    • There is mandated adherence to security requirements developed by the American Banker Association, representing all banks.
    • There are enhanced protections against phishing and spoofing.
    • Redirection to fake bank websites are prevented
With these and several other features, will be a safer and more secure digital experience.
Online Banking Login
  • First and foremost, your login information will remain the same as it is today. 
  • Both your User ID and Password will be entered on our homepage, in the Login box.  For mobile users, you will tap Login and enter User ID and Password on the screen provided.
  • For convenience and security, the entire BCT Online Banking login process will move to our homepage.  This enhancement provides better security and helps us communicate with all customers through our homepage and website.  **You will need to update any bookmarks to the current login page. 
  • To login to your BCT Online Banking account, customers will enter both the User ID and Password on the same Login box.  There will be a field for each.  See an example in the image above. 
Find Information Easier
  • Our new website will have a modern and intuitive design, making it much easier to find information.
  • It is designed for all screen sizes, whether a mobile smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.  You'll have access to the same information and functionality regardless of screen size or device!*
  • Our new Locations feature will include BCT branches and ATMs as well as the over 55,000 AllPoint® Network ATMs.  A geocentric map will automatically pinpoint your location and quickly show you the nearest branch or ATM.
As we get closer to launch day more information will be provided.  Be looking on our current website, on our Social Media pages, in branches, and in your email.

* Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets require digital connectivity. Usage rates may apply. Contact your wireless service provider for more details.