BCT’s Business Advantage MasterCard® is the perfect card to meet your business needs.  This card will save you time, money, and will make it easy to keep track of expenses.  Worldwide acceptance is one of the major advantages that this credit card boasts.  You can use this card to purchase everything from office supplies to airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and much more.


  • You choose the payment options:
    • Consolidated – Write one check to pay entire account and receive one statement
    • Individual – Write separate checks to pay each account, statements issued to each card holder
  • Revolving balance option
  • Low variable annual percentage rate
  • Automatic payment/WebPay options
  • MasterCard®  Business Card:
    • No Annual Fee
    • Earn Rewards - Choice of Points Rewards or Cash Back      
  • Individualized card and spending limits


Pick up an application at any one of our convenient branch locations.