1871 A few short years after the end of the Civil War, a group comprised of 38 far-sighted Jefferson County farmers, orchardists, and business leaders saw the need for a bank to serve as a principal stabilizing influence on Jefferson County. They pooled some of their financial resources and started Bank of Charles Town. A charter was issued on February 20, 1871, and the bank opened for business on April 4, 1871. The first home of the bank was on West Washington Street in Charles Town. The Southeast corner of West Washington and Lawrence Streets—just a short distance up the street—became the bank’s second home.
1907 The bank operated at 231 West Washington Street from 1907 through 1938. The letters BANK can still be seen at the top of the one-time American Legion building.
1938 Bank of Charles Town moved to the Southeast corner of Washington and George Streets. While at this location, Bank of Charles Town became the first Jefferson County bank to offer trust services. This location currently houses the City of Charles Town’s municipal offices.
1966 A new banking facility was erected at 111 East Washington Street, on the site of the former Jefferson Hotel. During May of 1967, the bank moved into its new facility with 31 employees and 10 million dollars in assets.
1975 Bank of Harpers Ferry was formed and began operations in the Harpers Ferry-Bolivar area. Because most of the incorporators in the new venture were also directors in Bank of Charles Town, it was known as a satellite bank. This was actually the second bank to operate under that name. , During the depression the original Bank of Harpers Ferry—located at the foot of Washington Street—closed and did not re-open. In 1983 after eight successful years of operation, Bank of Harpers Ferry merged with and became part of Bank of Charles Town. The merger resulted in combined assets in excess of 59 million dollars. The Harpers Ferry Branch operates from the same location today and continues to serve residents of the Harpers Ferry-Bolivar area, Southeast Jefferson County, and portions of Maryland and Virginia.
1985 The bank's third location opened in 1985 and is located at the intersection of WV State Routes 9 and 480. It serves patrons living in Northwest Jefferson and Southeast Berkeley Counties. This branch became popular immediately, and the size of the building was doubled in 1993.
1999 During 1999-2000 the main office in Charles Town was renovated and operations were expanded into a new addition erected on the site of the former Citizen’s Office Building.
2001 Work was under way to change the bank’s image in order to make it more compatible with an expanded service area. The new logo chosen was one with the large letters BCT followed by or used in conjunction with the words Bank of Charles Town. The purpose of this change was to brand the bank with more of a regional identity while retaining the name known since 1871.
2001 BCT ventured outside of Jefferson County for the first time, and began operations on Tuscarora Pike in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The new Martinsburg Westside office began as a loan production office and a short time later was approved as a full service branch. The original structure was raised and a new “state of the art” branch was completed and opened in January 2005. This fourth office is located on the West side of I-81 at the King Street exit and is very convenient to shopping and residential areas.
2002 BCT began the process to establish a full service branch in Hedgesville, West Virginia. The 3, 700 square foot facility was completed in July 2003 and is located in the Food Lion Shopping Center at the corner of Rt. 9 and Roaring Lion Drive. BCT’s fifth location serves residents of Northwestern Berkeley County. From its humble beginnings shortly after the Civil War,  the Bank of Charles Town has grown to nearly $307 million in assets and employs over 100 people in the tri-state area.
2008 A new 7,000 sq ft addition was erected at the main office in Charles Town in 2008.  The new addition was named the “Donald S. Smith Financial Center” after one of the bank’s patriarchs.  During this construction, the Charles Town drive-thru increased from three to five lanes and includes a drive-up ATM and night depository.  A walk-up ATM was also installed at the front of the bank on Washington Street.
From its humble beginnings shortly after the Civil War, the bank has grown to nearly $300 million in assets and employs close to 100 people in the tri-state area. BCT has a long tradition of providing personalized and responsive service to its customers and the communities it serves. Although we have changed over the years, we still embrace the principals that got us to where we are today. Our employees never forget that our main product is service, and we are judged not by what we say about it, but how we deliver it. It represents the basic way we do business at BCT, The Bank to Live By.