Target Card Compromise Information

Target has added information on their website to specifically address concerns from their customers who may have been affected by the data breach that occurred in their U.S. stores between November 27th and December 15th. In addition to the breach itself, we have learned that phishing e-mails are being sent out that appear to be from Target.  These e-mails play on the fears of the public that they may have had their card compromised.  As a precaution you should be  aware of this potential threat and BCT advises you to proceed with caution if you receive an e-mail from Target.  Do not open any links that may be included in these e-mails as that could potentially allow additional access to your personal information. BCT is aggressively contacting our cardholders that may have had their card compromised through this breach. Our advice is that if you made a purchase at Target during the time frame of November 27th through December 15th, that you stop by one of our branch locations to have your card replaced. If you have a Target Red Card please watch your  accounts closely for unauthorized ACH transactions. If you have additional concerns or questions contact us 304-725-8431.